About us

Seindeo Limited was incorporated in 2003 to offer water conditioning services and water treatment solutions for applications in the energy sector, food/beverage, agriculture, industrial, municipal infrastructure, and sustainable commercial construction sectors.

Seindeo Limited is dedicated to delivering optimal technical assistance, customer support and first-class delivery on all our services to our clients. Our products and solutions are designed to reduce your maintenance and operational costs, and prolong equipment life.

What We do

  • Chemical Treatment of Boilers, Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • Potable Water Treatment Plant (Including automated online treatment control)
  • Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  • Chemical Dosing Equipment and Chemical handling
  • Testing Equipment

By virtue of our advantageous position we are able to offer to you the following services:


  • Filtration vessels for various filtration requirement (Sand Filter, Activated carbon Filter, Iron Remover, Softeners etc)
  • Chemical Dosing Equipment (Pumps, Tanks, Mixers, Level sensors etc)
  • Water meters
  • Solenoid valves
  • Media (Softener Resin, Sand Media, Activate Carbon Media, Brim etc)
  • Automatic Controllers (pH, Chlorine and Cooling Towers)
  • Test kits
  • Testing Instruments
  • Portable/Bench Meters for Water testing (pH, Conductivity, TDS, DO, Temperature etc)

  • Anti-Corrosion for Boilers, Cooling Tower and Chillers
  • Anti-Scalant for Boilers, Cooling Tower
  • Biocides for Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • Dispersants
  • Coagulants and Flocculants for Waste Water
  • Descaling Chemicals
  • Base Chemicals (Caustic, Soda Ash, Alum, HTH, Sodium Metabisulfite etc)

  • Complete Mechanical, Operational and Chemical survey (MOC survey) to better understand customers need.
  • Water analysis to identify best chemistries for water treatment
  • Technical studies
  • Identifying gaps and providing solutions to optimize customers operations
  • Technical support