Our Services

Potable Water Treatment

Seindeo has extensive experience in the design, installation and construction of Potable Water Treatment systems for residential and industrial use.

All our offers follow a full-scale process which begins with an exhaustive water analysis guaranteed to give an end result of a cost-effective solution.

We employ multiple treatment technologies (including settling and clarification, carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, filtration, ultraviolet sterilization and chemical treatment) to provide customized solutions for our clients’ needs.

Boiler Water Treatment

We offer Boiler water treatment chemicals ranging from oxygen scavengers to scale and corrosion inhibitors and test kits for your boiler treatment system.

Seindeo’s line of boiler water treatment chemicals and products are designed for all boiler types – from relatively small low pressure to high pressure boilers used for process industries and power generation. Seindeo also provides solutions that are FDA-compliant for food plants.

For more information on boiler treatment chemicals, industrial deposit and corrosion inhibitors, descalers and test kits, please give us a call on +234-08172001777 or email us at info@seindeo.com

Cooling Water Treatment

Our cooling water treatment programs yield the following benefits:

  • Increase equipment life span
  • Maintain heat transfer efficiencies.
  • Reduce and eliminate risks to humans from micro-organisms, for example, in the case of Legionnaires’ disease – bacterial infection spread mainly through air conditioning and similar systems.

With our specific treatment products, problems of corrosion, scale deposition, and biofouling in water systems are eliminated, thus helping you maintain operation costs and safety risks at a minimum.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

At Seindeo, we employ current automatic control technologies and chemical products to offer quality treatment for clean and efficient pool systems, which meet appropriate standards.

RO Membrane Installation and Maintenance

We supply and install RO units, replace RO membranes and chemical solutions for effective RO maintenance. Our chemical solutions (RO anti-scalants, biocides and cleaners) are available to improve membrane performance and permeate flow.

Our services do not end with our solutions! We go the extra mile by providing regular maintenance visits to complement our trainings and technical support, ensuring that you experience smooth and hitch-free operations in your systems.