Seindeo Power

Seindeo Electric Generators are designed to give you the unique satisfaction when it comes to your power needs. All our generators carry single phase output and accommodate the under listed advantages in comparison with other generators within the same functional bracket.

  • Excellent diesel conservation efficiency (Low diesel consumption)
  • Very large fuel tank (up to 225 litres capacity)
  • Unbeatable sound proof technology (whisper quiet operation)
  • Optional automatic changeover switch (for convenience)
  • Affordable, thorough and quick maintenance services
  • Excellent and prompt delivery system
  • Up to one year warranty
  • Weather proof
  • Long service life

Apart from sales, we offer product installation and periodic maintenance services. These unique service provisions, compliment our concern for customers’ satisfactory use of our customized and professionally validated products.

For every product purchased, our company offers 12 calendar months or 1000 hours warranty, provided all the stipulated conditions are met. We also give a 20% discount for every sixth service paid upfront.

We offer free delivery on every purchase within Lagos and the first service is free!