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Chemical Dosing pumps

Seindeo offers three categories of pumps called the S-MAG, S-KAM, and S-MAX series 

S-MAG series are high-efficiency solenoid pumps designed for simple water treatment applications with flow rates up to 15liters per hour and maximum pressures up to7 bar. Manual and digital control options are available for this pump. Download S-MAG Datasheet

The S-KAM category are easy to install mechanical pumps offering flow rates up to 40liters per hour. Download S-KAM Datasheet

S-MAX series are high-performance diaphragm metering pumps having flow rates up to 120liters per hour. Manual and digital control options are available. Download S-MAX Datasheet

Dosing Tanks

Seindeo Tannks

We offer a wide range of dosing tanks from 30liters to 1,000liters for handling and storage of chemicals which are simple to install and are environment friendly.

Our tanks are durable, offering safe storage for any kind of water treatment chemical with UV stability for protection against light degradation.
Seindeo tanks are available in natural colours with volume graduation (liters) to monitor chemical levels in the tank.


Seindeo Filters

We supply top-quality filters from Europe certified to NSF/ANSI standards ideal for residential and commercial systems. These are suitable for sand filters, activated carbon filters, iron filters, softener filters, and many other filtration applications.

These filters are available in various sizes and selected according to design requirements.

Also, in our range, are the Well mate composite pressure tanks designed for systems with pressure boosting applications with little or no maintenance required.


Seindeo Mixers

Our stirrers are perfect for chemical mixing in various sizes of dosing tanks which are selected according to tank sizes for efficient and effective mixing of chemical solutions.

Our slow-speed motors are best suited for highly viscous chemicals while the high-speed stirrers are effective for mixing chemicals with low viscosity.
These Mixers are reliable, simple to install, and available in single and three-phase motors for convenient installation in many applications.

Water Softeners

Seindeo - Softner

We offer and install water softening plants using Fleck valves, Pentair vessels for the elimination of hardness in water resulting in deposit-free systems.

Our Fleck valves and Pentair vessels are of high valve performance. Both valve body is of superior strength and durability, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant.

Automatic cooling tower, pH and Chlorine Controllers

Seindeo Automatic-Controllers

Our automatic controllers are available for monitoring and automatic control of pH, chlorine, ORP, Conductivity/TDS levels in water to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate measurements.

Cooling tower controllers are also available for automatic control of cooling tower treatment to reduce risks of scale deposition, corrosion, biofouling, and microbial growth in cooling water system.

Online testing and display of water quality readings are displayed in real-time on the controller screen.

Water Test Kits/Instruments

Seindeo Testing-Kit

Water testing kits and meters are available to determine specific parameters in water such as – pH meters, Conductivity/TDS meters, Dissolved Oxygen meters, Hardness test kits, Phosphate test kits, Silica test kits, Sulfite test kits, and Iron test kits just to mention a few.

Our kits are fast, convenient, and suited for on-site field testing in boiler water, cooling water, and potable water analysis.