Our Products We offer a wide range of high quality products from leading manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

Chemical Dosing pumps

Seindeo offers solenoid metering pumps and motor-driven pumps with high precision dosing ranging from low volume to high volume flow rates.

Our pumps are easy to install and characterised with high chemical resistant liquid ends such as PVDF, PPE, and Stainless Steel materials.

These dosing pumps provide the option of manual or automatic adjustment based on external signals.


We supply sand filters, activated carbon filters, and much more for the purification of water for portable and industrial applications.

Water Softener

We offer and install water softening plants using Fleck valves, Pentair vessels for the elimination of hardness in water resulting in deposit-free systems.

Test Kits

Water testing kits and meters are available to determine specific parameters in water such as – pH meters, Conductivity/TDS meters, Dissolved Oxygen meters, Hardness test kits, Phosphate test kits, Silica test kits, Sulfite test kits and Iron test kits just to mention a few.

Dosing Tanks

We offer a wide range of dosing tanks for handling and storage of chemicals which are simple to install and are environment-friendly.


Our stirrers are the perfect equipment for the mixing of chemicals in various sizes of dosing tanks.

Automatic pH and Chlorine Controllers

Our automatic controllers are available for monitoring and automatic control of pH and chlorine levels in water to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate measurements.

Automatic cooling tower controllers

Cooling tower controllers are also available for the effective control of cooling tower treatment to reduce risks of scale deposition, corrosion, biofouling, and microbial growth in cooling water systems.

Support & Maintenance

As official distributors of genuine equipment, we support all warranties offered on all our products. Our warranties also extend to our solutions, where we offer warranties for individual components as well as guarantee the results.

We don’t just walk away after a sale has been made we provide support and startup expertise to ensure excellent service delivery.