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Boiler Water Treatment

Seindeo’s boiler water treatment solutions are designed to provide optimal protection against scale deposition and corrosion problems in boilers. This comprises of external and internal treatment based on the feed water characteristic and required boiler water quality.

Cooling Water Treatment

Our cooling water treatment programs are specifically designed to keep heat exchanger surfaces clean to improve heat transfer efficiencies and protect equipment life span.

Reverse Osmosis

Seindeo offers RO systems, membranes, and chemical solutions for effective RO maintenance. Our chemical solutions (RO antiscalants, biocides and cleaners) are available to improve membrane performance and permeate flow.

Who We Are

Seindeo Limited is a water engineering company incorporated in Lagos, Nigeria to offer water treatment services for industrial and domestic applications. For over 15 years, Seindeo has been delivering cost-effective water treatment solutions to address many water treatment needs for both commercial and individual users.

As a member company of the AWT (Association of Water Technologies, USA), and our partnership with notable manufacturers of water treatment products, we are strategically positioned to offer world-class water treatment services for – Steam boilers, Cooling systems, Reverse Osmosis, Swimming Pools, Water Purification, Water Testing and more.

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