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Boil Water Treatment

Seindeo’s boiler water treatment solutions are designed to provide optimal protection against scale deposition and corrosion problems in boilers. This comprises of external and internal treatment based on the feed water characteristic and required boiler water quality.

The boiler internal treatment boiler water treatment chemicals are designed for all boiler types – low pressure to high pressure boilers which ranges from pH/alkalinity builder, scale/corrosion inhibitors, sludge conditioners, oxygen scavengers, condensate treatment and descaling agents.

With access to a wide range of boiler treatment products, Seindeo provides cost effective boiler treatment programs in addition to FDA compliant chemicals for food manufacturing companies to protect boilers from damage, lower operational costs and eliminate boiler down time.

Also available are water testing kits to monitor the boiler water quality such as Phosphate, Sulfite, Silica, pH/Conductivity, meter, Chloride etc.

Reverse Osmosis

Seindeo offers RO systems, membranes, and chemical solutions for effective RO maintenance.

Our chemical solutions (RO anti-scalants, biocides and cleaners) are available to improve membrane performance and permeate flow.

Technical Support

Our services do not end with our solutions! We go the extra mile by providing regular maintenance visits to complement our trainings and technical support, ensuring our clients experience seamless operations.

Cooling Water Treatment

Our cooling water treatment program is designed to provide maximum heat transfer efficiencies in cooling water systems by minimizing the damaging effects of impurities present in water.

The treatment will eliminate the risks associated with fouled and dirty cooling water systems as well as providing protection against common waterside problems in cooling water circuits as Scale deposition, Corrosion problems, Microbiological growth, and Legionella diseases.

Our chemical program offers such immediate benefits as:

  • Increased heat transfer efficiencies from clean heat transfer surfaces
  • Lower running cost associated with frequent cleanings
  • Increased water and energy savings
  • Protection of investment on assets
  • Eliminate risks of legionella diseases

Swimming Pool Treatment

At Seindeo, we employ automatic control technologies and chemical products to offer quality treatment for clean and efficient pool systems, which meet appropriate standards. This includes automatic pH control and disinfection.

Domestic Water Treatment

Our expertise covers design, installation, and maintenance of domestic Water Treatment systems for residential and industrial use.

We employ multiple treatment technologies (including aeration, settling and clarification, reverse osmosis, filtration, ultraviolet sterilization and chemical treatment) to provide customized solutions for our clients’ needs.